What is wrong with this Title - "AAFP and HealthFusion Partner to Deliver EHR Benefits..."

When you read this headline, what goes on in your mind? If you are a Family Physician, and member of AAFP, wouldn't you think - 'my academy had whetted, evaluated, or done something where they tested hundreds of EMR out there and picked the best one for me'.

Media twists it even more - read this.

Nothing can be further than truth. 

I am sure AAFP does not have the time do any of that. Also, AAFP in general does not endorse any product. Furthermore, this headline gives the impression that AAFP picked Healthfusion exclusively and recommends it. If I want, I can read even more into it thinking there is perhaps an incentive for being an AAFP member, or that it is being subsidized.

This is misleading Advertising.

AAFP should be more strict about how their partners put out press releases. 

Wrong Reason not to choose Cloud EHR

A Doctor mentioned today he does not want to use cloud EMR. 

Reason? A colleague 'lost data on the cloud'. 

I'm not really sure what that means, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the vendor of that particular cloud EMR system did not provide data when the doctor wanted it, or that the EMR vendor was holding data hostage for a large fee. 

In fact, client/server systems are more prone to losing data in the traditional sense. The solution to that problem of not getting the data from a cloud EMR vendor, is not to use client server systems, but to do a better job of negotiating upfront and incorporating associated data extraction fees into the contract. 

I have seen too many cloud EMR vendors holding doctors data hostage and demanding a large sum of money if the doctor wants to switch their EMR system.

What should you do?

Don't jump from frying pan to fire. If you think cloud systems are a problem with your data, client server systems are even worse - unless you spend a lot of resources managing the infrastructure internally.